Saturday, 16 March 2013


Lee has asked me on many occasions to put together a 10 song playlist for him to change up some listening patterns. These songs have no particular theme other than the fact that they are the ones I dug the most this week...

 I thought this might be a good place to post them for anybody else that might be interested. I'll try to do these fairly and suggestions on themes are welcome...

Earball Playlist  #1:

1. Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind - Spinners (from "Spinners")
2. Strictly Reserved For You - Charles Bradley (from "Victim Of Love")
3. Pearl Of The Quarter - Boz Scaggs (from "Memphis")
4. Creation Dream - Bruce Cockburn (from "Dancing In The Dragons Jaws")
5. South Shore - Big Faith (from "Grounded")
6. Look Sharp - Joe Jackson (from "Look Sharp")
7. In Your Eyes - Kate Boy (from "Northern Lights" ep)
8. Frame By Frame - King Crimson (from "Discipline")
9. One O'Clock Tomorrow - FM (from "Black Noise")
10. Knocking At Your Backdoor - Deep Purple (from "Perfect Strangers")


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