Wednesday, 27 February 2013


FM was a progressive rock band from Toronto, ON that released their first record "Black Noise" in 1978. "Black Noise" was reissued on CD a few years ago but up until now the rest of the catalog was unavailable digitally. The band is now reissuing their 4 classic period albums on remastered CD's.

1978 - Black Noise
1978 - Direct To Disc
1979 - Surveillance
1980 - City Of Fear

These records are some of my favourite Canadian Prog Rock from the period.

Here is a 10 song playlist to throw an earball on:

1. Surface To Air (from "City Of Fear")
2. Phasors On Stun (from "Black Noise")
3. One O'Clock Tomorrow (from "Black Noise")
4. Hours (from "Black Noise")
5. Journey (from "Black Noise")
6. Orion / Horizons (from "Surveillance")
7. Random Harvest (from "Surveillance")
8. Up To You (from "City Of Fear")
9. City Of Fear (from "City Of Fear")
10.  Nobody At All (from "City Of Fear")


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